Phase // Let’s Talk

‍"This film aims to encourage young people who are struggling with mental health issues to seek help & talk about their problems."

This is the first of a series of films that we will be producing for the charity 'Phase' encouraging positive discussions on challenging topics such as self harm and mental health. It was shot on location in Hitchin and features students from various Hitchin schools.

Action for Children

"In collaboration with the digital agency Clearhead we produced this internal film for Action for Children."

Action for children – This film was produced in collaboration with Clearhead for a large fund-raising campaign for Action for Children. For the film we spoke to social workers within Action for Children and recorded various first hand testimonies of what they had seen working on the front line. The story depicted in the film is taken directly from one of these testimonies and shows just one of ways that the charity can make a difference in the lives the UK’s most vulnerable children.

Humanitas // One Campaign

‍"We are both ambassadors for the charity Humanitas and subsequently produce all of their video content."

Humanitas believes that every child is entitled to health care, an education and a family. They strive to provide chldren across the globe with these three key rights. The 'One campaign' short animation was made to promote Humanitas' one campaign, encouraging people to donate one pound a month to their international charity work. The film was animated by Tim Porter of Digital odyssey.